Complete solutions adapted to your specifications (needs)

Collection & Management

Actor of retail and large distribution, V.I.E. offers :

-Innovative collection and management solutions for points of sale: material, integration, deployment, direct line, maintenance, availability, repair and resolution.

– The proximity and reactivity of the point of sale specialist, who knows perfectly the limitations of the trade.

-A strong commitment to maximize the availability rate of your Cash and Management system (Front-Office and Back-Office)


V.I.E It is part of the process of engineering information systems around disbursement solutions, focusing on the definition of the client’s needs, their functional requirements, in order to formalize and learn the design of simple or complex systems with success.

V.I.E. addresses innovative research issues around collection solutions, including specification of needs, design and maintenance methodology, integration processes, regulatory safety aspects, database aspects and / or search for information.

Computer Maintenance

Objective: To maintain the continuity of the service.VISION Informatique puts at your disposal various means of intervention in order to ensure in all circumstances, the continuity of the operation of your cash and your computer system:


  • Telephone assistance,
  • Interventions in place,
  • Customer Extranet.

Cash Management

VISION Informatique distributes, installs and maintains a cash management solution for retail distribution that allows the management of cash in asecure process continuously.

VISION Informatique offers standalone solutions for local businesses that can manage cash from a computerized cash register.

Electronic Tags

Visualization and price management have become a constraint for you and your teams.

Aware of this problem, V.I.E. proposes you to use innovative technology. A priority is imposed: do not limit the tool, to a simple price display, but propose to the staff the maximum amount of information online:

  • Increase your margin
  • Improve its management,
  • Win in peace,
  • Double its effectiveness.


VISION Informatique accompanies you for total visibility in your fleet of mobile terminals:

  • Management of remote terminals,
  • Update of Os and applications,
  • Integration and deployment of vocal solutions
  • Support center.

Electronic banking

Buy or rent your payment terminal. VISION Informatique offers the best payment solutions for its customers through our offers of products and services.


More options, transparency, simplicity and personalization in consumer shopping experiences, as well as in products and services.

Our VISION of the digital transition of our clients, is to create personalized, fluid and differentiated experiences, while obtaining operational excellence.

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